Treatment for Excessive Sweating

excessive_sweatingExcessive sweating is a common problem that can cause embarrassment for many people. If products available on the market or on prescription do not help sufficiently, there is a very effective way of treating this condition. Injections into the affected areas are likely to give you relief for many months.

Areas suitable for treatment

The underarms are the most common site where excessive sweating is problematic. The palms of the hands, soles of the feet and forehead can also be treated, although the treatment of hands and feet can be uncomfortable.

How treatment works

Using a tiny needle, small quantities of protein are injected into the areas producing excessive sweat. This stops the nerve signal reaching the sweat gland and therefore stops the gland producing sweat. Several injections are spread out across the area so that treatment covers as many sweat glands as possible, resulting in significant relief from this embarrassing but common problem.

We identify the area that produces the most sweat with a simple test, and can then ensure treatment is as effective as possible.

Is it safe? Is it uncomfortable?

The treatment for hyperhidrosis (the medical term for excessive sweating) has been used widely and safely.

Treatment is not recommended in pregnant or breast-feeding women, and those with muscle-weakening conditions such as myasthenia gravis. Most other people are suitable for treatment.

Underarm injections may be uncomfortable but rarely painful. Feet and hands are more delicate, and this may cause a little discomfort.

Side effects

As with any injection there may be side effects but they are uncommon. They include redness, swelling tenderness, and bruising at the injection sites. Very occasionally the injections may not work.

After your visit

The treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform. After a couple of weeks you will experience a noticeable reduction in sweating, and the effects can last between six to ten months. At this point, you may opt to have a repeat treatment, so that you can continue to enjoy life without this difficult condition.

You can resume normal life immediately after treatment, although we advise avoiding exercise and alcohol for six hours. We recommend that you allow exposure to your underarms by wearing loose clothing for the first few days.