Permanent Hair Removal

laserhairremovalIntense pulsed light (IPL) treats unwanted hair with quick and safe bursts of light. This simple and effective approach gives permanent hair reduction, so you may never need to wax or shave again!

Areas suitable for treatment

This technique can be used anywhere – so whether it’s facial hair, bikini line, underarm or legs, this treatment is ideal for long-lasting removal of unwanted hair.

How treatment works

Strong pulses of light are delivered at specific wavelengths via the IPL device. This light energy is converted into heat, and the hair transmits this into the hair follicle which it eliminates. The hair can not regrow. The intense pulsed light is designed to selectively treat only hair follicles so the surrounding skin remains unharmed.

Is it safe? Is it uncomfortable?

Clinical trials conducted on intense pulsed light have shown its safety and this technique is used widely on millions of people. Appropriate eye protection is used, and a gel applied to the skin to minimise discomfort.

Intense pulsed light hair reduction is not generally suitable for people with very fair hair because it relies on the presence of melanin within the hair, and these hair colours have very little. Very dark skin and those with suntanned skin may not be suitable as their skin will have very high levels of melanin and so may absorb too much energy. Most people find the treatment is a little uncomfortable but does not hurt.

Side effects

If you have an active suntan, including the use of fake tans because many of these contain traces of melanin, you may find too much heat energy is absorbed by the melanin-rich skin rather than the hair and mild burning can occur. For this reason you may not be suitable for treatment until the tan has settled. There may be redness of the treated area afterwards although this is usually a sign that the treatment is working and follicles are being destroyed. It is usually mild and settles within a few hours.

After your visit

You can expect hair to fall out within one to three weeks following treatment. Don’t be concerned if it seems as if the hair is growing – this is likely to be as it is pushed out of the skin. We will advise on appropriate skin care after treatment. Sun-cream must be applied to protect the treated area.

More than one treatment is required because of the phases of hair growth – follicles have active and inactive phases and can only be destroyed during an active growth phase. Repeat treatments are often necessary with a minimum period between treatments of four weeks. You would usually expect to have six treatments for best results.